Foot Clinic

Diabetes incorporates a very insightful understanding of its complications as well as managing lifestyle and taking preventive measures for nay unwanted consequences. The intake of balanced meals, monitoring blood sugar, physical activity, etc are of utmost importance but one that your doctors urge you to take into consideration is the examination of feet.

The fact that most diabetes patients incur foot complications goes unnoticed and is hardly discussed. They can start small- like blisters or cuts, but can increase in their severity-damaging skin and causing wounds at the extreme levels. The nerves can be affected making you prone to infection since body gets weak to fight bacteria. Therefore, early recognition of foot complications is emphasized and special advice is given regarding footwear and care for diabetic patients. The footcare department is actively involved in the treatment and research of foot problems and its solutions.

In House Foot Care Services Available at Dia Care are:

  1. Biothesiometer,
  2. Ankle Brachial Index (ABI),
  3. Foot Scanner
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