Lab Tests and Diagnostic

At Dia Care we believe in revealing the inner health. Nothing matters to us more than an accurate quality medical test report that helps doctors take the right treatment decisions for you and your loved ones. Your family is important to us as much as they are important to you and we dedicate ourselves to provide you accurate medical test results about your family’s health.

Lab test uses samples of your blood, urine or body tissue to see if your results fall within the normal range. Diagnostic procedure is an examination to identify an individual’s specific areas of weakness in order to determine a disease using external technology.

At Dia Care we offer-

  1. ECG
  2. VPT- Biothesiometer
  3. ABI
  4. TMT
  5. CAN – Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy
  6. Podiascan
  7. Funduscopy

We have timely curator of these tests and we keep the requirements of the client's at a priority.

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