Diacare Obesity

THE OBESITY TREATMENT CENTER, which provides unique, professionally supervised, effective weight Loss & Therapeutic Diets programs to its clients.

Center runs by professionally qualified dietician, Mrs. Smita Shah who consults on an individual basis. The accredited dietician can help you with a weight, Diabetes or cholesterol problem, give advice on food services, or give lectures as required. We can also help with nutritional queries and information, and assist you with a wide range of nutrition and food related health problems.

The Center, with over 8 years of experience with weight Loss & Therapeutic Diets, we're personal, small and know our clients intimately. Our programs use balance Diet program and an easy to follow, healthy eating plan that allows you to eat most foods. The diet plan recommended is tailored to the individual.

The center, have a number of clientele across the India , NRI, and offer professional advice to individuals and corporations.& had thousands of clients who had lose large amounts of weight safely

What Happens in our Consultation?
When you attend our Clinic for the first time you will be asked to register with us and provide enough information for us to ensure you receive the best possible care. You will then see Dr.Banshi Saboo (M. D. Metabolic Physician) who will ask you a series of questions about your medical history, take your blood pressure your sugar check and will help to rule out the reason of obesity. If you are medically fit and able to follow your program. The dietician, who will discuss privately with you your eating habits and lifestyle, then if appropriate, decide how much weight you should aim to lose.

The dietician will then recommend a particular diet for you to follow, explaining what you should and should not do, then fine tune your eating plan to suit your taste & habits. If appropriate, the dietician may prescribe some diets which will help you adapt to the new diet.

The dietician will normally ask you to return once in a week's time, to check that you are happy with the diet, answer any questions arising from your treatment and check that you are starting to lose weight. This process of regular consultation with the dietician, enabling you to feel comfortable that you are progressing with all the support and encouragement you need.

Depending on your size at the start of your programme, you should expect to lose between 4-5 Kg or more, in the first month, then 2-3 Kg or more month thereafter depending on how well you manage to keep to the new eating plan! The number of visits you make to us depends on how much weight you need to lose and how successful you are at your diet.