Diacare Foot Clinic

Dia Care Diabetic Foot Clinic provides Routine Integrated Examination of the Feet of Diabetic Patients. The Services of the Clinic include Education of the patient in practical aspects of Foot Care. The early reorganization of Feet at Risk and Foot Complication is emphasized and special advice is given about selection of Specialized Footwear for Diabetic Patients.

The Foot Care Department of our Centre is actively involved in the Treatment and Research of Diabetic Foot Problems

The clinic has the required facilities and Staff to provide the following services for Diabetic Foot Patients.

Education of Patients

Timely detection of high risk foot through routine foot examination by specially trained staff capable of recognizing risk factors for ulceration and amputation

Measures to reduce risk, including podiatry, appropriate footwear and vascular and orthopedic interventions

Prompt and effective treatment of active problems, including ulcers, infection and ischemia.

Special Types of Foot Wear are now being prepared at our centre for the Diabetic patients with foot complications. We also advise patient special foot wear which is made up of new types of insole materials for patients with high risk foot, which is available at our centre. This Footwear works excellent for the foot at high risk for not developing ulcer or callus and to avoid or delay amputations.