Biggest MythsThat Diabetics BlindlyFollow

  1. Myth: Diabetics must adopt a special diet

Fact: Following a healthy meal plan is must for everyone, every individual should adopt a healthy way of appetite. Whole grains, Healthy Fats, Plant and Lean Protein, Green Vegetables and Fruits are recommended. There is no specific Diabetes diet. Only avoid foods containing high sugar level.

  1. Myth: Can’t Eat sweets and desserts

Fact: People with diabetes should avoid sugar consumption majorly. But can treat themselves occasionally. It just one part of the total carbs, but portion is important key. Sugar free desserts and sweets are available in the market

  1. Myth: Diabetes is Curable

Fact: Diabetes can always be controlled with diet, proper exercise and medicines. Even when treated however it must still be carefully watched by you and regularly checked by your doctor for the rest of your life.

  1. Myth: Diabetics should not eat fruits

Fact: One can consume High Fiber and Water consistent fruits because they have low glycemic index like cherries, pear Guava, Orange, Strawberries,papaiya Apple but restrict fruit juices.

  1. Myth: Cannot consume rice

Fact: It is false notion. The glycemic index of rice and wheat is very close. Therefore rice should be always combined with high fiber vegetables and pulses which prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar levels.

  1. Myth: Io give up your favorite foods

Fact: No need to give up on your favorite food. You can prepare your food in different way by adding some ingredients and removing some. Eat in reduced equal portions.

  1. Myth: Sugar Free products are always safe to Consume.

Fact:Sugar free means not added sugar but don’t assume that sugar free label on product is healthy. It may still contain lots of carbs and Fats. Be sure to check the Nutrition label for the total Carbs count.


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