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Diacare -Diabetes and Hormone Clinic

DiaCare is a Diabetes care centre is an initiative started in 1998 by Dr. Banshi Saboo. It is a comprehensive diabetes care clinic located at the heart of the town with various facilities for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes, and its complications. It was with Dr Saboo’s persistence and expertise that led to expansion of this clinic also in its research facilities. Dr Saboo is also associated with many multispecialty hospitals in Ahmedabad, as a consultant diabetologist.

At Diacare we take care of more than 1000 children and adolescent with Type 1 diabetes, providing them with all the basic supplies of diabetes care under Diacare Trust, CDIC (Changing Diabetes In Children) and LFAC (Life For A Child). Also we are the recognized SWEET Center where we have form the registry for these children and adolescent with type 1 diabetes.


This website is an initiative by Diacare trust where we want to create a platform for adults with Type 1 diabetes to find their match.